Storage capacity
2Mates Coldstores offers a capacity of 10.000 pallet spaces, for chilled and frozen products.The storage facility is been fitted with drive-in racks as well as mobile racks, that accommodate loads up to 1350 kg with a maximum pallet height of 2300 mm.

Shock freezing
2Mates Coldstores freezing tunnels have a capacity of 120 metric tons per 24 hours. Products are rapidly and efficiently frozen at very low temperatures combined with high air speeds.

Plate freezing
2Mates Coldstores vertical plate freezers have a capacity of 65 metric tons per 24 hours. Plate freezing is an efficient form of freezing, where the characteristics of the product are preserved at an optimal level.

2Mates Coldstores has a large packaging capacity. All your products can be packed according to your specifications, in crates or cartons and with labels containing descriptions and weight.

Stock control
Stock volumes are monitored via fully automated incoming and outgoing goods records. All stock locations have unique barcodes which are used to scan units to their specific storage location in the rack.